Block Frequencies:

HF : 26,995 ~29,000 / 35~36 MHz

VHF : 40,665 ~41,200 / 48~59 / 72~76 / 135~175 MHz

UHF : 311~317 / 420~520 / 864~894 / 905~925 / 925~960 MHz

L : 1805 ~1900 / 1930~1990 MHz

S : 2110 ~2170 / 2300~2400 / 2500~2530 / 2560~2570 / 2620~2630 / 2660~2670 / 2680~2690 MHz

C : 5150~5350 / 5650~6425 MHz


Mode : GSM, CDMA, TDMA, TRS, PCS, RC, WiFi, WiMax, Dect, Bluetooth, Transceivers, Input Power: via automobile electrical system

Oscillation method : RF VCO, RF filtered noise

Continuous operation time from batteries : >3,3 hours

RF Power : > 103W

Consumption current, not more : 33A

Supply voltage : 12,6 – 14,2 V

RCIED blocking zone radius ( at control distance 200m ) : > 69m

Operation temperature : -30~+50°C

Weight : <21kg

Dimension not more : 1500x1200x440m

Equipment for protection of VIP’s in a car-convoy:

The vehicle mounted Jammer is designed for protection of VIP’s and group of people from Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) while they are traveling using any kind of vehicles.

This device with the unique super – wide frequency band has no external antenna, jams virtually all RCIED’s, which can be used by terrorists at the present time. It may be mounted on a roof of a VIP or security Vehicle.

A RCIED blocking zone, produced by the Jammer, is moving at the speed of a car equipped with this device. The unique design of the jammer allows constant communication within a convoy without creating any “windows” in an operation frequency band with the use of special walkie-talkie handsets.


  • Government Security Services
  • VIP Security Services
  • Private Security Agencies

Your High-Tech Bodyguard

The “FOG-VIP” Jammer has been designed to protect VIPs and groups of people from Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) and to prevent the leaking of information during confidential talks. This device with the unique super-wide frequency band jams virtually all RCIEDs, which can be used by terrorists, without the assistance of any other RCIED jammers tuned on different frequency sub-bands.

The Jammer may be also used to ensure confidentiality of business talks by jamming the operation of unauthorized radio-controlled microphones (“bugs”) and cellular phones. This system is unique as it has special walkie-talkies that can operate within the protection bubble or reach out to Security personnel outside the bubble to maintain protection without disrupting the protection.

A Set of the “FOG-VIP” Jammer includes: a Jammer in Case, an AC Adapter with two connecting cables and a leather cover for transportation. The special Walkie-Talkies for communication between members of the Security Team, when the “FOG-VIP” is on, are optional.