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EODA01 EOD Operator’s


1 x Blasting Cap Crimper,
1 x Blasting Cap Box,
1 x Mine Probe Handle,
3 x Mine Probe Segments with knurling,
3 x Mine Probe Tips- Titanium,
3 x Mine Probe Tips – Delrin plastic,
1 x Folding Knife with safety lock,
1 x Surefire Flashlight,
1 x Multi-tool with C4 spike.

All contained in Pouch as shown

EODA02 Metal and Mine Detector

Hand held Metal Detector with proven effectiveness in Military and Humanitarian De-mining operations worldwide.

It is a highly sensitive detector using high speed pulse induction. It can detect all currently deployed minimum metal AP and AT mines.

Single part instrument. No separate parts of external cables.

Rugged, sealed water and weatherproof.

Uses 3 Std 3 D cell batteries with minimum of 12 hours on good alkaline batteries.

Easy to use and train operators.

EODA03 Metal and Mine Detector

Mod 56

Power supply: 8 x 1.5v Batteries External Battery box and bag.
Emitting Frequency: 6.99KHz
Signal Frequency: 437KHz
Visual: Level Meter
Sound: 2” Speaker or Earphone
(Earphone not included)
Disc:  Ground Balance
Distinguish between Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals
Disc Control; Ground Balance
Control; Tune Control;
SensitivityControl; Zeroing Control; Discrimination Control.
25-30cm for US25cent Sm coil
40cm for US25cent Big coil
Detecting Depth Max
1.5 -2m Small coil
3 – 5m Big coil
Colour:  Black or Green
Packing: 1PC/Carton
82x32x16.5cm Weight 5kgs
Export: 4PC/Carton
86x34x68cm Weight 20kgs

EOD001 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit.

Currently in service through out the world with Bomb Disposal Teams. Designed to give highest protection level with Maximum comfort and flexibility to the user.

The ballistic levels and materials used in the suit are tested and evaluated to full quality assurance standard laid down by appropriate Government organizations.

The suit consists of the following items:-

  • Jacket with attached collar
  • Trousers – adjustable
  • Breast plate
  • Groin plate
  • Helmet and visor
  • Air cooling blower
  • Transit Bag
  • Integral radio earphones and microphone in helmet.

Helmet V50 610m/s      Visor  V50 – 700m/s
Jacket and Trousers V50 600m/s
Blast plates V50 – 1000m/s
Full Spec Sheet Available.

EOD002 Ballistic EOD Helmet

EOD Helmet is designed to go with EOD001 Suit.  It is fully adjustable.  Incorporated into the helmet are 2 headphones and a microphone and lead for VHF radio.
It also has an Air ventilation system which forces fresh air over top of helmet liner across visor and over operators face to keep visor demisted and operator cool.  A filter canister can be added to clear air (NBC or Chemical).
EOD003 Hardwire Communications

Where radio communications may activate explosives a hardwire communications can be utilized.
Consists of:
1 Base Station
2 12v DC 4.5Ah rechargeable battery
3 Headset with speakers and microphone
4 External speaker with on-off switch
5 Output for digital recorder
6 Battery status indicator
7 Built-in 220v AC charger with connecting cord
8 Input for 12v DC charger
9 Socket for connecting wire to reel
10 Connecting wire to reel
11 Reel with rewind guide 100m wire (with option for 125m) and connecting plug to fit into the remote controller on the EOD smock
12 Reel comes with a slip-ring function allowing operator to be in communication throughout deployment and retrieval.
12 Webbing guides are provided on the smock to lead the wire to the remote controller.
EOD004 Cooling Suit

To be worn under the EOD Suit.
Consists of:
1 One piece fire resistant garment with cooling tubes and external connectors.  It is worn as close to the body as possible to obtain maximum benefit.
2 Head hood with connectors to connect to main garment.
3 External pump and ice bottle container in a self contained carry bag attached to left side of smock with straps and Velcro
4 Self contained NiCad battery power supply interchangeable with suit power supply
Running time at maximum flow rate 2.5 hours
EOD005 De-mining Apron with Shin Guards

The Demining Apron was developed and field tested in difficult and harsh environments.  The Apron provides a large area of frontal protection together with the Demining Visor.  It is durable, rugged and can be serviced in the field.

Outer cover  – Cordura
Inner           – Aramid
Protection Specifications
Manufactured to IMAS 10.30 Specifications
Customer specification

EOD006 De-mining Vest

The Demining Vest is designed for maximum comfort and as little hindrance as possible for the user, but still providing protection to all the vital parts of the body. Protection is optimized when worn with Demining Visor

Provides Frontal Protection against Anti-Personnel mines, Groin flap standard.

Outer cover  – Cordura
Inner           – Aramid
Protection Specifications
Manufactured to IMAS 10.30 Specifications
Customer specification

EOD007 De-mining Visor

The Demining Visor comes with an adjustable cradle for individual fit and interchangeable brow pad for comfort and hygiene.  It has ventilation slot for demisting and ventilation for harsh environments.
Designed to work with Demining Apron or Vest

Untreated 5mm Polycarbonate Visor with cradle and Protective anti-scratch cover
Protection Specification:
Manufactured to meet IMAS 10.30

EOD008 De-mining Helmet with Visor

The Demining Helmet with Visor provides full fragment and blast protection from Anti-personnel mines for the entire head. Designed to work with the Demining Apron and Vest.

GRP moulded shell with Cradle
Untreated 5mm Polycarbonate Visor
Protection Specification:
Manufactured to meet IMAS 10.30
Customer specification


Search Suit

The Search Suit gives a high level of Protection and maximum mobility. Used in any sweep search for possible IEDs or where potential ballistic threat exists.  Protection level can be altered by either inserting ceramic tiles in front and back or attaching blast plates to front.

Consists of  Trousers, Jacket and Ballistic Helmet with Visor
Outer cover  Fire retardant treated polyester ripstop
Inner           Aramid
Suit – V50 450m/s
Helmet – V50 450m/s
Visor – V50 450m/s
Suit with Ceramic Plates – V50 1200m/s+
Suit with Blast Plates – V50 1000m/s +
16.5kg including Helmet and Visor
Navy Blue, Olive Drab and Black

EOD EOD Shield

The shield is designed to be used by those requiring protection from small anti-personnel mines during mine clearance operations.

The shield has two retractable legs that can be placed into the ground to support the shield in the upright position unaided, allowing the operator complete use of his hands

Size: 1300mm x 760mm
Protection: V50 of 600m/s
Weight: 23kg

EODA04 Bomb Container

Developed to enable inexperienced operators to remove IEDs to a safe location where it can be examined or destroyed. It can provide explosion suppression capacity ensuring no damage to towing vehicle, trailer and surrounds.

Mod 1 with Wheelbarrow, protective criteria TNT eqv 1kg

Inner Diameter     484mm
Outer Diameter     562mm
Height                 600mm
Weight                150kgs (without trailer)

EODA05 Bomb Container

Mod 2 with two wheel trailer, protective criteria TNT eqv. 2kg

Inner Diameter      564mm
Outer Diameter      666mm
Height                  700mm
Weight                 250kgs (without trailer)

EODA06 Bomb Container

Mod 3 with four wheel trailer, protective criteria TNT eqv. 3kgs

Inner Diameter     950mm
Outer Diameter   1100mm
Height                  900mm
Weight                 920kgs (without trailer)

EODA07 Hook and Line Kit

Mk 1 Hook and Line Kit
Provides an EOD Technician with a wide range of equipment that can gain access, remove, manipulate and handle suspect devices inside buildings, vehicles or open areas.   The kit can be used to transfer the device from the scene to an open space where it can be better managed.

Reel, for Hook and Line Kit,
Hook, Small Single Plain
Hook, Medium Single Plain
Hook, Large Single Plain
Hook, Small Single Barb
Hook, Medium Single Barb
Hook, Large Single Barb
Hook, Double Plain
Hook, Double Barb
Adjustable Pole
Pulling Handle
Belt Sling
Snatch Blocks
Length     68.5cm
Width      13cm
Height     49cm
Weight     7kgs